Our Programmes and Services

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Our programmes start where you are, and are tailored to your practice as every one is different.  But with our well proven method, you can have confidence in the outcome.

Launch  means you are free from the stress of overworked GPs, complaining patients and grumbling staff.  A whole new system, delivered in easy steps over just 12 weeks.

Navigator  is our unique analysis suite which puts you in control with data drawn remotely from your clinical system.  Included in our launch programme, it is designed to help practices continually improve thereafter and can also be purchased standalone by subscription.

Accelerator - for practices already operating a largely GP led phone first system. Sometimes people have come to this idea through another route or have tried a DIY implementation, but problems arise and the workload can seem impossible.  We have helped a number quickly through diagnosis to a solution which has lifted the burden and given fresh hope. The programme is tailored individually to the practice.

Education - “How to increase capacity and manage demand in general practice”

Our five hour short course is designed to help GPs, commissioners and their teams to understand and improve patient access, and measure change in terms of response, patient choice and continuity. Participants will be able to diagnose their organisational problems using an evidence based method and from a patient point of view. They will begin to think in a new way about a service which is demand rather than supply led. They will see the importance of leadership in improvement and appreciate the system wide effects of better access to primary care.

Recent DH reports such as the Keogh review of urgent care highlighted the need for rapid access to a GP - this course makes the link and lets you begin to answer the question, “How?”

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