Loadmaster - intelligent rota planning

Enter clinicians and working sessions

Simply enter your clinician names and sessionsOn the rota page you enter clinician names, details and which sessions they are working.  Simple enough.  The critical part is to link this supply of capacity to predicted demand.

Starting with an estimate, you can then adjust and instantly see the effect.  Each week the prediction improves and so does your rota, improving your service which you measure through Navigator.

Match demand and capacity

Matching demand and capacity

The Dot Community Health system is based on understanding demand.  Our model predicts with high accuracy how many patient calls for a GP happen each day, knowing the list size, demographics and history from your Navigator analysis.  Now we can compare predicted demand with planned capacity.  Colour coding makes it clear where changes are needed.

You can see clearly which days are under and which oversupplied, and have a conversation with your clinician team on how to balance the numbers. Usually one or two moves are enough.

What will the GP day look like?

Loadmaster GP day plannerYou choose how to organise your day, with a mix of telephone and face to face consultations.  The key to outstanding patient service is to predict demand, then work out how to meet it. Turns out this is also the secret to a day which flows, so you feel in control.

Design your own template (three types for different clinicians are available) and see how this adds up by hour of each day.

Loadmaster makes intelligent rota planning easy and fun.