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Our unique online information suite

Navigator puts you in control.  We do the analysis so that you have all the information to support transforming your practice.

  • Demand - predict accurately by week, by day, even by hour, and match capacity
  • Service & Flow - know how long patients wait, in days, even minutes
  • Continuity - central to quality in general practice is putting the right GP and patient together.  We measure it for you.
  • Efficiency - what are the key factors which keep you productive, meaning good patient service and going home on time?
  • Secondary care - understand wider system effects of improved access

How it works

  • We combine data from your clinical system and other sources remotely.
  • Comprehensive charts are fed back through your private link.
  • Expert personal support helps you understand the results.
  • See examples of the outputs in our case studies.
  • Plans and pricing here.

Try it for yourself - Live demonstrations

Elms: wait for a GP fell from 5 days to under 1

N82070 monthly demand

Elms demand by month, telephone and face to face