askmyGP Launch Features and Benefits

Technology on its own does not bring about change.  Patients, GPs and all staff need to experience the benefits for themselves, and every detail of the programme is designed to achieve this quickly and smoothly.

Your askmyGP setup puts a link on your practice website for your patients, and a management page for the practice.  Launch gets you to high volume usage, essential to rapid return on investment.

1.  A personal training partner for your practice

  • The relationship is through our partner and a change leader agreed with you.
  • Our Programme Timeline ensures you are on course week by week.
  • All members of your staff are welcome to ask questions through the 12 weeks.
  • You have the support of our team and we take emails and calls nearly 24/7.

2.  Precise understanding of your starting point

  • We capture data very simply for a week through our Datalog system.  There is no paperwork, no manual checking or calculations, yet we enable comprehensive understanding of your practice performance.  Over 200,000 submissions assure you that this is indeed an easy route to record what happens.
  • Every practice is unique and we work with you to develop your service, tailored to the needs of your patients and staff.  We don’t impose a blueprint or ask people to absorb lengthy textbooks.

3.  Detailed planning for demand and capacity

  • Fundamental to success is a change of thinking from supply led to demand led, predicting the needs of your population.
  • Our Navigator suite gives you precise operational measures over two years up to the present day, and this in combination with our evidence based modelling feeds into the online Loadmaster planning system.  Simple to use, it takes you straight to the point of what doctors do you need and when in order to meet demand.
  • As the new system stabilises, Loadmaster becomes your guide to a stable, predictable workflow.

4.  Helping you lead change with all your staff

  • Before starting, our Leading Change Questionnaire for key people helps you reflect on why you are doing this and how much you want to succeed.
  • We suggest some answers to common misconceptions.
  • GPs benefit from our Teleconsulting Mastery eProgramme, training online at their own pace and convenience.  3 hours CPD.  See an elearning sample clip.
  • Our Receptionist elearning programme gives confidence to help patients and signpost correctly and efficiently.
  • All staff will be affected, and need to be listened to.  Our staff survey helps to draw out both hopes and fears, but mostly we find it gives encouragement to the change leader that staff are supportive in wanting to improve their working lives.
  • Our on site meetings with you at key points are central to the change, bringing together the new operating principles, all the data, changes in role, refinement of plans, and answering the many questions that people naturally have.
  • From launch day all staff are encouraged to write their thoughts and feelings on our virtual change wall.  This means that we as well as all of you can address concerns quickly, and also share in the good reports that come through.

5.  Professional quality communication with your patients

  • From the start, we encourage your PPG to feed in to the change and understand what the new system will do for patients
  • Our materials all work together, catching attention with an attractive poster.
  • Our information leaflet makes it simple to grasp the basics, and also answers common questions.
  • Our 90 second patient information video goes down extremely well as people like to see a friendly face explain the new system.

6.  Comprehensive evaluation both in numbers and stories

  • With our work evaluation is never an extra, it is always included.  Without measures, how would we know there has been an improvement?
  • Our unique Navigator suite tracks the changes as they happen week by week, so that you know exactly how fast you are responding to patients, what is your efficiency, continuity and much more, as you can see in our demonstration.  It becomes a diagnostic tool, showing what changes are needed and tracking the effect of your actions.
  • A second week of Datalog highlights the effect of change on what it’s like to be a patient and the differences are astonishing.
  • A patient survey straight after launch and then six weeks later gives you confidence that the vast majority of patients say the change is better, and you can see the effect of rapid response and choice of doctor on their satisfaction.
  • Staff feedback is gathered so that everyone has a chance to be heard on how their role has been affected.
  • All the findings are put together in a Waypoint meeting with the partners or whole team at the end of the programme.

7.  A springboard for continuous improvement as you join the movement

  • Through launch you have made a big change and seen significant benefits.  But Rome wasn’t built in a day and though your journey of improvement has begun with a great leap, it isn’t the end.
  • In the coming months you can expect to see one small change and one medium change, which together add up to as much benefit as you have already seen again. The small change is that patient demand levels off and most often declines by a small amount, maybe 10%, so long as service is good.  The medium change is that through teamwork, deeper understanding and fine tuning, you get better at running the new system in lots of small but significant ways.
  • Further improvement is typically 10% per year, which as well as better service could be shorter hours, fewer sessions, a smaller locum spend, a growing list or simply a more enjoyable and satisfying working life.  Consider carefully what this is worth to you.
  • In response to demand, we  have developed our Navigator suite to offer ongoing support, included in the System and All-inclusive levels.
  • You are part of a growing community of practices who are discovering new levels of patient service, professional satisfaction and quality.  You can be in the “Tele-first” research led by Professor Martin Roland, in a detailed evaluation exclusively with Dot Community Health.  Join the forums, conversations and local networks and talk about what you are doing.  Be part of the vision “to transform access to medical care“.

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