Scottish Country Dancing, on the NHS. Oh yes.

You’ll love this.  And it’s on NHS Choices so it must be wholesome.  The first clip is enough:

What does it have to do with general practice?
Well there’s the exercise, physical and mental.
There’s the people, doing things together.
And there’s one way to make it flow perfectly.

They are supremely happy doing something together which they know and understand well. It’s beautiful.  But think about that first 15 seconds. What if just one person goes out by half a beat, or left instead of right, forward instead of back?  Anxiety, the need to correct, loss of elegance.

Make that two people, or a couple of seconds indecision.  Chaos and misery.

This system of perfect cooperation produces joy.  How does your team compare?

“So Harry, have you ever done Scottish Country Dancing?”

“Well, I might have once or twice.”

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