askmyGP pricing - with free installation

Our simple pricing model gives you three benefits:

  • A low cost entry level
  • Pay per use so you can see the value
  • A maximum monthly payment with unlimited usage, so you can encourage all your patients to seek help online, with nothing more to pay.

Each patient submission costs a maximum of £1.  As usage grows, the average cost falls.

The minimum charge each month is £100, which includes the first 100 submissions.

The maximum submissions you pay for are 1/10 of your patient list size, each month.  All further submissions are free of charge, giving you complete peace of mind.  If 2/3 of your patient demand is online, the total cost is the same and average cost around 50p, while you are saving minutes of GP time with each one.

There is no minimum subscription period.  For most practices, setup on your website is free. (We may charge a fee of £395 for bespoke websites).

Your subscription includes:

  • Access for patients from your practice website
  • Your secure administration page
  • Staff training teleconference - at a time to suit you
  • Reporting and analysis through our online Pilot suite
  • Email and telephone support line

We offer continued guidance on how to make the most of askmyGP for your practice.  We can quote for communication materials, bespoke analysis and on site consultancy on enquiry.

Prefer to pay in one lump sum?

You can pay for a whole year in advance at £1/patient list size, for unlimited submissions. For a high usage practice, this is attractive as it gives you two months free, and as a special bonus includes our award winning Navigator suite for performance measurement and improvement.

All prices above exclude vat.