EFPC Barcelona: Continuity in GP under pressure

  The annual European Forum for Primary Care invited posters for debate:  how do national and local policies impact on primary care?  Our theme looks at relational continuity in general practice.  Can you see your own doctor?

Is the PM’s Challenge Fund a lifeline for GPs?

The Prime Minister has put up £50m for innovative schemes to improve access in general practice for half a million people.  The logic goes like this: It’s hard to get an appointment with your GP. More opening hours would make it easier. Let’s provide 12 hours 8-8, 7 days a week. We’ll have to pay […]

Our vision for 2024: more stories like this.

Our vision for 2024 is to transform access to medical care.  It’s the same as it was in 2013, 2012 and 2011.  W Edwards Deming called it constancy of purpose.  We’ll be working constantly to improve what we do, and we have some very exciting developments in the pipeline.  Have you tried the new Navigator […]

Putting Targets First

Sorry, NHS England, I know your 2013-14 business plan is called “Putting Patients First” but there seems to be a misunderstanding.  We’ve just learned from HSJ that Jeremy Hunt has called the 10 chief execs of hospitals who have the highest percentage of patients failing the 95% target to leave A&E within 4 hours. What’s […]

The GP climate is changing. And the weather?

The new GP contract signals important changes, and we are positive about the direction. Telephone consultations are integral to BMA guidance for the new enhanced service.  Sarah Montague seemed incredulous when Jeremy Hunt claimed on the Today programme that patients would be able to speak to their GP on the same day.  News for both: […]

Keogh review - it’s the system!

We welcome Sir Bruce Keogh’s determination to look at the urgent and emergency care system as a whole, in his report for NHS England written with Professor Keith Willett.  That is at the heart of the Urgent and Emergency Care Review, published yesterday - read it on the link. Through our clinical advisor Dr Steve […]

NHS England Urgent & Emergency care and telephone access

  The NHS England Urgent and Emergency Care has published its report.  The Keogh review, led by Professor Keith Willett, considered evidence from a wide range of sources including Patient Access, the former name of Dot Community Health, reference 176 on page 35. The original paper is published on our website research page.  The research makes clear that the […]

Access to GPs is not the same as opening hours

We are going to see a royal punch up over the GP hours proposal.  Yes, access to GPs is often difficult - if it’s not difficult for you, then ask some friends.  And yes, GPs work very hard and often long hours, and they really are more fed up than for a long time.  With […]

Patients - please feed back

We welcome feedback from patients, both from those registered at practices who share our principles and methods, and others who may want to know more or who have a problem with their own practice where it may at times be difficult to see a GP. Please post your comment or question below.  These are moderated […]

Our policy on work with the NHS

NHS organisations are increasingly interested in our work, particularly based on the evidence that it is linked with lower A&E demand.  We have set out the general terms on which we wish to help.  Our vision “To transform access to medical care” guides the policy. 1.  We welcome the support of NHS bodies for practices […]