The Mirage of Patient Choice

For desert explorers, a mirage was the creation both of atmospheric physics and the mind in desperation for water.  Either way, the closer you came the further it moved away.

Patient choice is just the same, a mantra for the NHS since Tony Blair discovered it in the 1990’s, pursued with unconscionable sums of money and just as far away as ever.

The next webinar in our series on demand led general practice explores why it’s a mirage and why it then becomes a cruel deception for patients.

We’ll then look at

  • what really matters to patients
  • why it costs less to deliver
  • the surprise in making it possible

Two sessions are available, half hour presentation and then questions.

Please register in advance and we’ll email a certificate for your CPD record afterwards.

Register here for Thursday 18th February 8pm

Register here for Friday 19th February 1pm

Warning:  this webinar contains yoghurt.  Please bring your own.

PS Wonder what pressure cookers, the Berlin Wall and JMW Turner’s “Sunset over a lake” could have to do with demand in general practice?

One GP kindly wrote, “was simply brilliant. Are you able to give access to the recording please? I have doubters to convince.” so here it is:

Unlearning the appointment system - recording

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