Self help improved with new askmyGP features

We are delighted to announce two new features released today for askmyGP, the online route to seek help from your GP.

The first improves education and self help, and we call it intelligent signposting. The patient enters their symptoms, answers simple questions to create a history, and is then invited to click on NHS Choices information selected for them. After seeing it and saying whether it is useful, the patient may choose not to consult the GP after all. If they do proceed, the GP can see the links too, and advise further action. Analysis of the demand shows we can offer relevant information in over 80% of cases.

The second change invites the patient to enter their Ideas, Concerns and Expectations, modelled on the classic by David Pendleton et al, “The New Consultation”. In the daily rush, GPs often don’t ask all the questions they want to, yet the answers can be invaluable. This real patient with a sore eye didn’t necessarily want to be seen, but was concerned whether it would affect her driving. Knowing this and with the detailed history, GPs can quickly decide the best course of action.

We’ve had over 11,000 submissions online, and 3,000 different symptoms entered. Around two thirds are resolved remotely, saving precious minutes every time.

I love the level of patient engagement, as over 1,000 have left feedback. Today a lady of 43, Scotland, wrote “this is easy for me to use…… while at work or on the move” while a gent of 72, West Midlands, said “I have recommended others to make use of this service.”

You can try the system as a patient on the Bramley Surgery demo site. Practices are enquiring with us every day as they want to benefit from the channel shift to online. Today it is even easier and clinically more valuable.

Do drop me a line to find out more.


Dr Sara Cowell

PS. For your diary, “Understanding demand - the key to better service and lower stress” I’m presenting this free webinar next Thursday 19/11, 8-9pm, through Webinars for GPs (CPD certified). More details on the link, hope to meet you then.

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