A bad Apple or a better Swiss Railways

I finished up in the “Goldfish Bowl” at the HSJ Innovation Summit this week, being quizzed about the trials of innovation.  With me in there was the amazing Neomi Bennett, a nurse who invented the Neo-slip for helping to put a pressure stocking on a DVT patient.  She got me to demonstrate her product and […]

askmyGP pilot study, 40% demand moves online

Rydal practice in North London has seen over 40% of patient demand move online in only three months.  This study shows how patients are using it, what medical problems they are reporting and what feedback they give.  See how it works: Patients get online access through their practice website.  If yours doesn’t offer this you can […]

BMA poll: what’s wrong with email consultations

We should rejoice:  in the latest BMA poll, 86% of GPs agree that telephone consultations are an effective way of consulting with patients for appropriate reasons. Further: 63% believe that telephone consultations can be an effective way of managing demand as an alternative to face to face consultations. (15 years after the first GP pioneers […]

Hospital accreditation to end - in Denmark

PRESS RELEASE 20 April 2023 - Paperwork out for hospitals.   Original in Danish The health minister and chairman of Danish regions both want more quality and less bureaucracy and therefore now want to change the way hospital quality is measured. Doctors and nurses employed in public hospitals have said in recent years.‘We are drowning in manuals and […]

GPs spending too long with most of their patients

We are doomed to more spin than substance in the next four weeks, but somehow I expected better from the BMA.  Their poll on GP workload is quite interesting if you read the original.  Let me quote:   “Most GPs describe their workload as being generally manageable, but too busy at times (53%)”.  Well, hello […]

Dot Community Health honoured in Daily Mail

It is with great pleasure that I announce our award today of the coveted DDM - Dissed in the Daily Mail.  It has taken over three years to reach this moment, so let us savour it. Readers will wonder how they managed to spin bad news eliminating the wait to see a GP but they […]

Vanguards: how will we know they are working?

Paraphrasing Alice’s Cat, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”  This week 29 Vanguard sites have set off with high intentions of getting somewhere near a Five Year Forward View, but where is this? I suspect we will see broad consensus on the purpose, high quality care and […]

St Simon says, “By their fruits ye shall know them”

We arose before dawn and made our way from all over the countryside, building into a great multitude. King’s Fund had promised a breakfast meeting but coffee and one small pastry had to suffice - we were here to hear St Simon Stevens. We were not disappointed. “By their fruits ye shall know them” - […]

22% of our interventions have failed

I became acutely aware of the interest in failure last summer in a post lunch workshop at the SAPC conference (Society for Academic Primary Care).  I was droning on about two practices we were working with, in the same building, same size, same demographic.  One was flying, the other failing.  Suddenly everyone woke up and […]

askmyGP - no need to hang on the phone.

See how the askmyGP service works in a practice example: Below: how the patient answers questions and the GP receives the detailed history. More at