Simon Stevens on the virtual general practice

If you didn’t catch it Simon Stevens comments on the “virtual service” general practice of the future have been brilliantly lampooned in Pulse. In an interview with the FT he said that rather than registering with a GP, patients would sign on to: ‘the virtual primary care service, and then… rather than booking an appointment, just […]

Missing from Stevens’ Five Year Forward View

Much has been made of Simon Stevens’ Five Year Forward View #5YFV and it seems to have achieved an obedient following across much of the party political and NHS political spectrum. I can’t comment from knowledge on much of it which is outside my area. So why run the risk of criticising Tarzan? “General practice, with […]

Newtown Birmingham launch week

Newtown in inner city Birmingham took the decision to launch in September, and on 27 October it all happened.  This is the complete record of their online feedback from that week.   I’m feeling… The reason is… Joy The only way it could have gone smoother - is for new telephone system to have been […]

Dr Peter Devlin writes on day one of Launch

Peter Devlin is GP Partner at Benfield Valley Health Hub and Founder & Medical Director of BICS Ltd.  The Brighton based primary care organisation is a Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund winner and already winning plaudits.  Part of their offer to patients is to speak with a GP within minutes, and always be seen the same day […]

Form follows function, or fails the purpose

Dr Mike Bewick, Deputy Medical Director of NHS England, calls for primary care organisations covering 300,000 patients staffed by salaried GPs, as reported in Pulse.  He claims, “in 10 years’ time the term independent contractor will be anachronistic and probably it will be gone.”  Now Andy Burnham has joined in calling for predominantly salaried GPs working in […]

Around Europe, primary care wants to be more NHS

I’ve just spent two days at the European Forum for Primary Care conference in Barcelona, and presented a poster, a paper and a video.  Partly I go out of insatiable curiosity: what are people doing, what might we learn?  Partly out of a sense of community, joining with others addressing the issues of primary care.  250 […]

EFPC Barcelona: video stories from Thurmaston

EFPC European Forum for Primary Care invited video presentations of what’s new and exciting in primary care.  In a growing number of practices around the UK GPs have discovered that a new way of working allows dramatic improvements. This short film tells the story, from the patient’s perspective, interviews with GPs and system wide benefits […]

Brighton Station launch, Dr Reggie Sangha writes:

— updated after 5 months:  “We have come through the ‘tunnel’ and Dot Community Health has not failed us.  All the docs are very happy with this new model and we aren’t going back!  High patient satisfaction levels, reduction in complaints, relaxed GPs…and this is January. Good news from the practice having worked through changes, after this great […]

Find us in NHS England’s directory of commissioning support

  NHS England maintains a directory to help CCGs find help. Click here for NHS England directory of support Find our offers there and talk to us about how we can help with the big problems: Complaints from patients about access to GPs Recruitment and retention in general practice Workload stress experienced by GPs How […]

ESTEEM, telephones and GP workload

“Telephone triage increases demand on GP practices” followed with “…an increase in practices’ workloads”.  Thus did Pulse headline the long awaited Lancet paper from the ESTEEM trial.  We don’t want anything like that, no thank you.  As you were, chaps. The funny thing is that GPs who take a system approach around telephone consulting have […]