Hospital accreditation to end - in Denmark

PRESS RELEASE 20 April 2023 - Paperwork out for hospitals.  

Original in Danish

The health minister and chairman of Danish regions both want more quality and less bureaucracy and therefore now want to change the way hospital quality is measured.
Doctors and nurses employed in public hospitals have said in recent years.‘We are drowning in manuals and paperwork and have no time for patients’.

The criticism has sometimes been harsh as health professionals find that there are more guides and documentation requirements in health services.

A major source of frustration is the way in which quality is measured, as hospitals must be accredited in accordance with the Danish Quality Model.

Health Minister Nick Haekkerup and President of Danish Regions Bent Hansen understand the frustrations of hospital staff and announce changes in the model:

“The quality of our health care system must be in order, and there is nothing wrong with the intention behind the system of giving hospitals the seal of approval if they meet a number of quality requirements. But when hospital staff can no longer see the point of filling out paperwork, review guides and standards and call for a different and less cumbersome way to work with quality, of course I listen.  And I believe that it is time to drop the quality model in hospitals, so staff have more time for patients,” says Nick Haekkerup.  Today he presents a new national quality program, which he will discuss with the Danish regions, local government and other relevant parties.

“In the Danish regions we are completely in line with the minister,” declares president Bent Hansen.  He is preparing to phase out accreditation by the Danish Quality Model and make quality work at hospitals more for the benefit of staff and patients:

“Quality work must be simplified and focused. The time has come to strengthen it by putting the patient at the centre, rather than focusing on compliance with a variety of standards. Accreditation has been justified and useful, but we move on. We need a few national targets to be met locally with strong commitment from the staff and with room for local solutions, “says Bent Hansen.

Specifically, the Minister of Health and Danish Regions is phasing out the Danish Quality Model, so management and medical staff at the hospitals from the turn of the year no longer have to go through an often lengthy process to get the certificate of accreditation.

The Danish Quality Model was introduced in 2005 and is based on the Institute for Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare (IKAS).

The quality model is run in cooperation between Danish Regions, the Ministry of Health, Health Protection Agency, KL, Danish Pharmaceutical Association and the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Google Translate of press release from Danish to English, tidied up by Dr Sara Cowell.

Full English text by Google Translate:  National Quality Programme for Health 2015-2018

Original Danish ‘Nationalt Kvalitetsprogram for Sundhedsomradet 2015-2018‘ (pdf)

Additional Information:
Ministry of Health: Press Officer Thomas Bille Winkel, tel .: 40 91 98 78th
Danish Regions: Communications Susse Marie Holst, tel .: 40 22 31 34th


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