RERS and Dot Community Health joint press release

RERS Limited (RERS) and Dot Community Health Ltd announce rebrand and partnership deal

RERS Ltd and Dot Community Health Ltd have today announced a rebrand agreement and three-year partnership deal.

To avoid confusion with Health for You, which is RERS’s popular online appointment booking and repeat prescriptions service, the company Health for You Ltd has been renamed Dot Community Health Ltd.

Dot Community Health helps practices with services that make it easier for patients to consult their doctor.  Telephone consulting plays a central role in the new system.  Its website becomes

Dot Community Health Ltd also joins RERS’s partner programme, which RERS developed to aid innovation and improve efficiency to enhance patient care. All partners are required to be committed to interoperability and shared standards – enabling their different products to work together seamlessly, to the ultimate benefit of the practice and its patients.

Andrew Wainwright, Head of Commercial Management at RERS said: “It was important for us to ensure that GPs and patients were not confused by the similarity in branding for what are two very different services. Health for You pioneered online transactional GP services and is now offered by three fifths of RERS practices to over 500,000 patients. We are pleased to be working with Dot Community Health Ltd as an approved RERS partner.”

Dot Community Health Ltd founder Dr Sara Cowell said: “We are delighted to have solved the issue amicably with RERS, and we look forward to working together in future for the benefit of all in the NHS.  Our vision is simple, to transform access to medical care, and our telephone consultation service is seeing waiting times for patients drop by 80%. Collaboration with the leading clinical system supplier brings this closer.”


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