Public Accounts Committee considers Dot Community Health

The wonders of technology are the means, democracy is the end.

The public accounts committee has the role of holding public services to account, and therefore we are delighted to see the subject of access to GPs covered.

Professor Maureen Baker, chair of RCGP, tells us that there’s a mismatch between capacity and demand.

But Ros Roughton, NHS England, says that evaluation of the PM’s Dot Community Health Fund has shown very encouraging results from GP telephone consulting, and it has freed up GP time.  Click the link and scroll the slider to 17:06 (unless you really want to watch the whole thing)

Ros Roughton at PAC

So GP capacity can be increased, by changing the model.  Readers of this blog will know we’ve been saying this since we started in 2011, perhaps this marks a milestone.

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