Patient with chest pain - GPs, what would you do?

Used with permission by the patient, this 52 year old male (fit, non-smoker, normal weight, no significant previous history) experienced these symptoms on Wednesday lunchtime.  He ignored them.  He drove 40 miles to pick up a colleague from an airport.  He went to work on Thursday, and again on Friday.  In the early hours of Saturday he called 999 and was seen by an ambulance crew, but not transported.   Later on Saturday he did get himself admitted to hospital, and properly diagnosed.  He had a stent fitted on the following Monday, and after 6 weeks is fully recovered.  Lucky?

See how he described his symptoms, as if he had done so on the day.  He did nothing about them.  GPs, what would you have done?

Read the report from askmyGP_17 May 2015

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  1. Hilary Duffy says:

    I would have arranged a 999 ambulance or told the patient to call the ambulance himself

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