Continuity: 30% of patients name a clinician

Given the choice, how many patients requesting help from their GP would like a named clinician?  The question matters because despite the well known clinical quality and patient satisfaction benefits, continuity is under threat. The patient complaint is, “I can never see my own GP.”  In many practices, patients may be offered a same day […]

Moving patients online - King’s Fund poster

Presented at the King’s Fund Digital Congress 16-17 June 2015. How 100 face to face appointments have been saved each week: KF Digital poster slides Download as a pdf:  Kings Fund Digital 2015 askmyGP v1

askmyGP pilot study, 40% demand moves online

Rydal practice in North London has seen over 40% of patient demand move online in only three months.  This study shows how patients are using it, what medical problems they are reporting and what feedback they give.  See how it works: Patients get online access through their practice website.  If yours doesn’t offer this you can […]

Are you suffering from anxiety demand?

Someone very close to me whom I have known all his life (we shall call him S) has had recurring headaches for three weeks.  He has seen the GP, who diagnosed viral sinusitis, nothing to be done except OTC pain relief.  See again in a month if no change. Someone else even closer to me whom […]

GPs spending too long with most of their patients

We are doomed to more spin than substance in the next four weeks, but somehow I expected better from the BMA.  Their poll on GP workload is quite interesting if you read the original.  Let me quote:   “Most GPs describe their workload as being generally manageable, but too busy at times (53%)”.  Well, hello […]

The Dover Chart Collection

Play the top 50 charts as fast as you like - there’s a picture surprise at the end.   This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.

Eclipse cancelled in government IT project failure

Just musing on why such a mashup of last Friday’s headlines sounds strange.  It challenges our notions of predictability, whether the latest government IT project would fail, or the eclipse would happen on 20th March. I often ask a practice team, “Which is more predictable, your 10,000 random patients or your six dedicated professionals?”  There’s […]

Tele-First letter from Professor Martin Roland


Protected: Mark McNeil describes online access in practice

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Recruiting GPs: you need to play hide and seek

GPs are interested in what a GP is worth, but so is society, which means us, the patients.  And apparently there is a problem, because we are not recruiting enough. Rather than debate the annual incomes or the hourly rate, you would expect me to take a contrarian view.  Let me tell you about another […]