Oi, Dave! That’s our Dot Community Health moniker

The PM’s Challenge Fund has been renamed the Prime Minister’s Dot Community Health Fund, and I need to ask your advice.

Should I

  1. Sue.  Dave is some new PM on the block and the name’s gone.  Who’s this HMG gang anyway?
  2. Sell him the domain name.  There’s only one gpaccess.uk - but does he have the readies?
  3. Sit down and talk.  We could argue over names but there’s a deal on the table:  you can borrow it so long as you base the whole shebang on evidence.  Don’t worry, we’ve got the evidence.

Here’s the demand over 7 days when patients have 7 day access via the online askmyGP system:

7-7 access daily rate

And what time are they seeking help?  Is it 12 hours a day, 8-8?  When they can access 24 hours, the hourly looks like this:

24-7 access hourly rate

That’s through the online askmyGP service, at a north London practice.  Those demand patterns look pretty close to when the GPs are working, plus a few at other times when it’s convenient.  All done for pennies.  That should keep George happy.

There’s an academic study out this week which says 0.4% of people want Sunday opening.  It’s based on patient surveys.  Rather than asking people what they would do, I prefer to measure what they actually do do.  Anyway, we all get the picture.  Is that a deal Dave?

In the meantime, we are working with lots of your PMCF sites, designing and and delivering better access for patients, and better lives for GPs.  My Dot Community Health colleague Chris Hanney was the PMCF Product Manager, and we’re going to have to rename him the Dot Community Health Prime Minister’s Dot Community Health Fund Product Manager.  Hell, the expense.


Dr Sara Cowell

PS Last week I had a huge response from people asking for a link to our Leading Change Questionnaire.  It’s a first step to tackle the problems of GP access and workload.  Drop me a line if you missed it, and I will forward by return.

PPS  Real patient histories submitted online are proving popular with GPs voting on how to help.  This week’s is a sore eye, along with the patient’s concerns.  Recording what symptoms the patient denies is a key component of the decision on next steps.

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