Harnessing Innovation - presentation at King’s Fund 19 June 2023


Harnessing innovation was the theme of the one day conference at King’s Fund on 19/6/13.

Professor Clayton Christenson gave the keynote, describing how disruptive innovation repeatably makes what is initially available only to a few people with a lot of money move rapidly out to many more users with much less money.

Think of how computers have moved from rooms, to offices, to homes, to pockets.

We can expect the same to happen more and more with healthcare services.  Making doctors much more accessible to patients is part of that trend - or how is it different?

From Dot Community Health, clinical director Dr Steve Laitner and Chief Exec Dr Sara Cowell talked about how this GP innovation is offering a step change in patient service for less GP time.

Download the presentation Disruptive Innovation in General Practice.

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