Clarendon case study wins poster prize at SAPC annual conference


Over the last three days Nottingham has hosted the annual scientific meeting of the Society for Academic Primary Care.

With 130 posters submitted, we were delighted to be awarded the poster prize.  Click on the link for the full version in pdf:

Access & Continuity transform patient service in Salford GP

Clarendon is in a high demand, deprived area of Salford, with as many as 8% of their patient list calling for GP advice every week.  The journey has not all been easy, but by honing their system to respond better to demand, life has improved all round.  Their patient satisfaction has continued upwards, with 76% now saying the new system is better than the old and only 8% worse.

Not only do they offer super fast access, but have also increased continuity, objectively measured UPC now 15% higher.  The measure itself is creating interest as until recently it has been difficult to measure continuity, but this is now routine and the feedback is helping practices improve their system.

A credit to Dr Jeremy Tankel and all the team at Clarendon.

PS November 2015, Dr Tankel and colleagues explain the benefits in this video made by Haelo.

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