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askmyGP patient feedback

“Fantastic service great for busy people”

“It would be extremely hard to use this service if I was working full time”

These two consecutive pieces of feedback came in from patients yesterday and made me smile.  Exactly the same service provided by two excellent practices produces two such different reactions.

Since we started askmyGP, feedback from patients has been important and we’ve published many of the results.  We gather this at the time of submitting a request, have now had 5,518 responses and it seemed time to present a short review.  This represents 14.3% of patients who have sought help from their practice online, of whom 2,667 (48%) have left a text comment as well as checking the three boxes which ask, “Have you used the service before?”, “How does it compare with the previous service?” and “Would you recommend this to others?”

I’ve plotted below one of the charts comparing the askmyGP experience to the previous system which we can see is overwhelmingly positive, now 55% say it’s better, 38% say the same and 7% say worse.  Further analysis shows little difference between age groups.


We can also pull out common themes from the text comments, and the main ones are positive:

  • Love the convenience of sending in my own time, without having to phone
  • Found the process efficient and thorough
  • Very happy with rapid response from the practice.

Negative themes are

  • Too many questions to answer
  • Did not help with my symptoms
  • Practice has been slow to respond

I’ve put selected comments on the @askmyGP Twitter account and published examples, but for the sake of transparency I will send a file of all feedback received on request.  It is all anonymous as we do not collect patient identifiable data, but we know age and sex.  The only exclusions are test data and those from our public demo site Bramley Surgery.  The data has been screened for inappropriate content, but none has been removed.

Researchers are welcome to use the latest up to date raw material, quoting the source.

Please email to request from drsara@dotcomunity.org.uk

Dr Sara Cowell

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