Navigator live demonstrations

What if a practice organised itself not around GP supply but patient demand?

Bourne Galletly practice launched in July 2024 and Navigator reveals how their performance has changed.

N8070 Proportion same day

One of many charts, this shows % same day

Copy your username:


Your password is:  Start23  (ask your browser to remember this)

Now click Navigator, paste in your username and click the Navigator.qvw icon on the left.

Navigate by drilling down, and go back one level at a time or to the main menu.

On each chart you can select any of the practices.  Defaults are set for each chart so you can see instantly what’s most popular and relevant.  You can then change the selections to look at

  • Time periods (daily, weekly, monthly).  Slide along the foot of the chart for more
  • Staff roles (GP or other clinician)
  • Telephone and face to face consultations.  Click on the legend area to toggle.

Most charts are time series (runcharts) as these support improvement.

Others are frequency charts, showing variation through a sample, mostly four weeks. For example, what is the duration of consultations?  It varies, depending on the patient, the condition, the clinician and so on.

Quality is not simple to measure, and clinical outcomes are outside the current scope of Navigator.  But relationship continuity is a key determinant of clinical quality and we calculate this as UPC, the academically recognised Usual Provider Continuity.  Read here more detail on how it is measured.

More information on Navigator plans and pricing here.