Thank you for your interest in joining us

Thank you for following our job posting. This is a genuinely good opportunity to help an outstanding movement for change in UK primary care. But we don’t want to waste your time if this definitely won’t be for you, so here are a number of considerations.

1. See the pages under What we do. We want to extend our network of regional training partners to deliver our interventions in GP practices. Take a good look around the site and get the flavour. See About us > People.

2. We work with GPs, their staff, Federations, CCGs and Health Boards. If you are very shy and retiring or overawed by doctors, you will struggle. If on the other hand you are super confident in your own abilities, sell big cars to rich people.

3. If you need the security of a regular income and pension, sorry this is not for you. We cannot guarantee a level of income and you could go through lean times, especially at first. It may take time to build up local knowledge and networks.

What could you earn?  We don’t pay a daily rate, but a fee for delivering the whole launch with a practice, so when you are working it would average in the range £500 to £1000 per day. Site visits are not long, but are interspersed with emails, phone, preparation and so on. The driver is how many days you are working, and this is hard to predict. What we do know is that the movement is growing as we have an outstanding service to offer, which touches directly on the needs of GPs, their patients and the NHS.

4. If you have no experience of the healthcare sector, you will have quite a lot to learn. It does not rule you out, but think carefully about how much you are prepared to adapt. Even if you have experience in health, has it been leading change?  If so, you will have scars. Some people object, disrupt and fight change and we see them from time to time.  If you run away you will struggle.

5. Except for the London area, it will be difficult to manage if you don’t drive.

6. You will need to be good at general purpose IT and business tools, and will work from home with your own facilities. We deliver software as a service and do a lot of analytical work with practices, but the technical side is all managed centrally so you do not have to be a specialist.

Still there?

If you haven’t ruled yourself out on one of the counts above, you might be attracted by the idea of leading a change which has truly stunning outcomes. It’s fast, direct, has none of the bureaucratic baggage of most change projects, and is successful in around 80% of practices. We’re always trying to make it better, but new partners are always amazed and delighted with the resources already developed.

Building our team and the capability of each training partner is vital to our growth.  We have a weekly video conference, get together for 24 hour meetings at least twice a year, and often meet each other at conferences and trade shows.  Training in pairs is central to our induction, and we support partners with a full suite of materials and online systems.

You may well have an existing freelance portfolio, and want to extend it.  If you are already working in primary care, this could be a good fit.  If you have no other work, you have the advantage of focus, but less income security.  Only you can make the choice.

If you think this could be you, email your CV to our Operations Manager and let’s arrange a conversation. Then if you want to join we will send you our simple agreement so you can see the terms.  There is no joining fee.  We will need a couple of references and then meet up.

Best regards

Dr Sara Cowell, founder and chief executive