RERS and Dot Community Health joint press release

Farewell Health for You. Hello Dot Community Health

We are pleased to announce that from today Health for You becomes Dot Community Health. A problem became apparent between ourselves and RERS patient portal for online bookings, also called Health for You.  By agreement with RERS, we have moved to a new company name, new web address, new emails and new identity.  Our part is to gain a […]

So how long should a GP consultation take?

I’m not going to answer the question, because “should” implies a right answer. Consider only so far as the patient, the doctor, and the problem, and already the product of the variables is infinite.  Even though GPs successfully consult with patients millions of times every week, there is no way to specify a correct amount of […]

Quality in access and continuity - the patient view

The problem Year after year GPs are voted Britain’s most trusted profession, which speaks of the high quality of GP consultations in clinical terms.  While efforts are made to measure such quality, and it is of course crucial to the service, complaints are relatively rare as a proportion of interactions.  However, there is a continual stream […]

Hate to say this, but you’ve lost me Ed.

Ed Milliband says “I just want to make the system work better.”  I don’t doubt the good intentions, but Labour’s pledge of a 48 hour maximum wait to see a GP is hollow. Let me spell out how to make it look like no patient waits more than 48 hours: 1.  Set the clinical system to release […]

Continuity, myths and maths

“I can’t get to see my doctor any more” is one of the commonest patient complaints we hear.  The sense of loss of the family doctor echoes as much in Whitehall as in suburbia as Hunt attempts to recognise the value of continuity (though only so far for over 75s). At the same time structural […]

Telephone consulting tips for GPs

Some of our GPs have shared their hints for safe, effective and efficient telephone consultations: A responsive service is a safe service.  Initial telephone assessment by an experienced clinician is well proven over decades through OOH services and in pioneer practices in core hours since 2000. Patients who need or who want to be seen […]

New measure: patientcentricity in primary care

Going forwards we need to integrate with the overarching direction of travel in the healthcare ecosystem, beyond merely how soon can you contact a doctor and do you have a choice of doctor. For years doctors have been trained just to do doctor things, but in the modernisated NHS they have a new obligation to […]

Is the PM’s Challenge Fund a lifeline for GPs?

The Prime Minister has put up £50m for innovative schemes to improve access in general practice for half a million people.  The logic goes like this: It’s hard to get an appointment with your GP. More opening hours would make it easier. Let’s provide 12 hours 8-8, 7 days a week. We’ll have to pay […]

Michael Porter, you tell them

Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School is coming to Britain to talk to political and NHS leaders. The label “American business guru” tends to provoke a tissue rejection from the NHS, but let’s listen for a minute to what he’s saying, (Dave West in HSJ)  He is not advocating “the wrong kind of competition” […]