Quality is the responsibility of every member of staff, contractor and supplier.

Customer care

A training partner is assigned to each customer and works with them to deliver our services. This person carries the responsibility for the relationship and the quality of the work.

Throughout our interventions feedback is recorded, and at the end a review is carried out with the customer, covering all aspects of patient services affected with operational measures.  Patient and staff surveys are carried out, analysed and reviewed.

System & method

Quality is designed into our systems to ensure consistent methods and accurate measures. Regular updates and improvements are made to all products and services, both customer facing and internal.


In the event of a complaint, the chief executive is informed and investigates personally, or may appoint another person.  Any complaint, however informal, is tagged as such on our CRM system and addressed as an immediate priority for appropriate action.


Last reviewed 24/2/2015  H Longman