HR & Workforce

Our policies are designed to support our vision, mission and values:

Our vision:  to transform access to medical care.

Our mission:  helping practices adopt and improve new models for access and continuity by delivering our products and services.

Our values:  We work according to high standards of professional and business ethics.  We respect the rights of our customers and each other.  Partners must respect the confidence of customers, commercial confidence and the intellectual property of the company and of each other, including any sources used for materials.



Recruitment of staff and freelance partners is carried out by the process outlined in the page Join Us and its linked documents.  Suitably qualified candidates are interviewed by the chief executive and others if necessary.  References are taken up.  If accepted, a company email address is given, use of which implies acceptance of the partner agreement.


Staff development is central to the company.  A formal meeting with each member of staff is carried out at least annually to review performance and plan development.


The company does not discriminate for any purposes on the grounds of age, sex, religion, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation.

Disciplinary procedure

Any breach of the partner agreement, poor standard of performance or behaviour in work may result in a disciplinary process.  As far as possible such matters will be resolved informally, but due process may be invoked by the chief executive if necessary.

Grievances and bullying

Bullying is not tolerated in any relationships within the company or with suppliers and customers.  Any grievance or concern over bullying shall be raised with the chief executive. If the plaintiff requests an external arbiter, a suitable neutral person will be agreed.


Reviewed 28/9/14, H Longman