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#Share Your Story : Laura's Story.

#Share Your Story : Laura's Story.

22 August 2016


#Share Your Story : Laura's Story.

I’m Laura. I’m 32 years old and mummy to Brody (4) and Sydney (1). Brody is primarily undiagnosed, but has global development delay, epilepsy, hypotonia and hypermobility syndrome. I’m a stay at home mum who likes to blog (for my sanity and for SWAN UK, Family Fund and SENDirect), campaign for disabled rights and re-start diets every Monday (not really the last one, but you’d think that was the case).

  • What is your story?
  • Last December I was becoming increasingly frustrated at the fact that Brody was growing out of size 6+ nappies and that this was the biggest size available in supermarkets. As a result, I posted on a leading supermarkets Facebook page. This gathered lots of support and some momentum, so I started a UK Change petition asking all supermarkets to consider selling or manufacturing bigger nappies for children with disabilities.

    I truly believe that there is a huge gap in the market for bigger nappies. Whilst the continence service is great, it is inconsistent in its approach and the service you receive very much depends on where you live. Referral age, eligibility, waiting times and the number of nappies you receive differs hugely throughout the UK.

    Pull Ups, which you can buy in supermarkets, are designed for children in the process of potty training. Hence there are fewer nappies in a pack and the absorbency isn’t as good. They’re not adequate for a child who is doubly incontinent. Not only this, it would cost a small fortune for parents to buy Pull Ups, as one pack may last only a day or two.

    Nappies online are expensive and not a quick solution for someone that needs a pack as soon as possible.

    Cloth nappies are also available of course and they are great for lots of families. They just aren’t a best fit solution for everyone.

  • What aid/support have you been given from a community
  • I’ve been fortunate enough to have the support of the SEND community online, for which I am truly grateful. You can’t beat our community and a bit of parent power! We are a great one for letting our voice be heard. We’re used to shouting because more often than not, we have to.

    Charities and organisations noted on my petition, such as PosAbility Magazine, Family Fund, Firefly, SCOPE, ERIC and SWAN UK have all been such a great help at raising awareness of my campaign.

    I recently wrote a blog on my nappy mission, which I was lucky enough to have featured on The Huffington Post and The Mighty - https://brodymeandgdd.wordpress.com/2016/06/27/why-we-need-supermarkets-to-sell-bigger-nappies/

    I am currently talking to a few supermarkets and close to having something on the shelves with one. Watch this space - and wish me luck!

    We would like to thank the following organisations for their ongoing support: