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Giving people with learning disabilities a voice.

Giving people with learning disabilities a voice.

22 August 2016

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Giving people with learning disabilities a voice.

Users of health care services have the right to complain if they feel that their concerns are not being met. However there are a vast number of disabilities and issues that can require health care. So when Healthwatch England created a guide on how to formally complain if needs were not being met, they should have considered their audience when creating the guides.Many users with learning difficulties, however, struggled to read them.

After a social media campaign to get Healthwatch England to create an easy to read guide was rejected, Healthwatch Dorset decided to do it themselves. The group worked along side ‘Speaking Up’.

“This easy read complaints guide gives people clear and accessible information about their rights and about how to make a complaint about a health or care service.”

- Joyce Guest, chairman of Healthwatch Dorset

Healthwatch and Poole Forum helped put together the guide, Poole Forum being run by people with disabilities in order to give people in its community a voice.

Healthwatch England and social media campaigners have praised the guide.

The guide is available at healthwatchdorset.co.uk

For a print copy call 0300 111 0102.

For the full article visit : http://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/14680783.New_guide_to_help_people_with_learning_disabilities___39_speak_up__39__for_their_health_care_rights/

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